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Pricing Information and Delivery

Cupcakes (discounts offered when 4 dozen or more are ordered or in conjunction with a cake)

Mini Cupcakes start at $18/dozen, with a minimum of one dozen. 

Standard Cupcakes are $25/dozen, with a minimum of 1 1/2 dozen PER flavor.

Muffin Sized Cupcakes start at $3.75/each or $40/dozen.

Specialty toppings (fondant, gum paste, etc) typically range between $1-$2/each.  Toppers can also be purchased separately (without cupcakes).  Pricing will be quoted based on design requested. 



​Cookies (discounts offered when 4 dozen or more are ordered or in conjunction with a cake)

Cookie favors start at $3.75/each with a minimum of 24 cookies.​​

Custom cookie cutter tooling fee is dependent upon the complexity, but typically averages $20/cutter.


​Because of the unlimited options, all cakes are custom designed and will be priced according to your design specifications.  Below is a general idea of what some of our cakes are priced at.​​  We do strive to work within your budget.  If there's a design you like, we can scale it up or down to fit within your price point.

With tiered cakes, one option to keep in mind is using a faux tier.  Faux tiers start at $25 plus decorating and can turn your cute cake into a show stopper.  If you want a 3-tier cake but only need to feed 20, You can opt to have the top and bottom tiers as faux tiers, and have only the middle tier made of cake.  This option is extremely popular with customers who want a large cake but don't need to feed a large crowd. 

Guest of Honor Cakes

Start at $35 and generally go up to $60

​Specialty Cakes (single tier) ​

Start at $75, and depending on size and complexity, can cost up to $300.

Tiered Cakes

Start at $150 for a small two- tier combo and increase based on size/servings/detail.  Assume an average of $4-$5/slice when trying to calculate the cost of your tiered cake. 

Carved Cakes ​

These cakes are much trickier to estimate.  What you might think is a simple shaped cake may, in fact, be structurally difficult to create.  These cakes are a work of art and require a lot of time and effort.  Carved cakes start at $300.  A very basic carved shape with no structural difficulties may fall under specialty cake pricing.












We are located in South Setauket, NY, but can arrange pick-up from Melville during the week.  If you prefer delivery, rates start at $25 and will be quoted based on travel time and distance.  If opting to pick up a cake, it is highly recommended to either bring a passenger to hold it or to have a FLAT space in your vehicle to keep it level.    

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