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Our Story...

Welcome to For the Love of Frosting!  I’m Lisa… a mom, wife, VP of a promotions company, and baker. Cake baker. Cupcake baker. Cookie baker. Anything baker. I would much rather have every meal consist of a cupcake with frosting than the basic food groups.

For the past few years, I've been steadily expanding my skills (and probably my friends' waists).  What started out as  "Can you make this cupcake" turned into "Can I order 500 cupcakes, 200 cookies and a cake shaped like a bulldog?  For tomorrow.  I can?  Great, thanks!"  I love being challenged creatively and always strive to learn new techniques, tips, etc.

My baking partner is my husband.  You KNOW we have a great relationship if I can say that!!  He knows my recipes, designs and produces incredibly custom shaped cookie cutters, does all of the airbrushing, and knows how to work with fondant.  Yes, he's THAT amazing!

No matter what your celebration... we can create a delicious array of goodies that will leave your guests wanting to take home any leftovers.  Oh wait, there won't be any leftovers because they'll be fighting for seconds!

Not sure what you're looking for?  Look through our gallery and some of the work we've done.  You'll find designs, flavors, pricing, etc.  Feel free to send us an email for a custom quote!  We can work within almost any budget.

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